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Sandra G. Corbin is a media personality and business consultant. She perfected her skills and experience as a fresh faced news reporter at the Jamaica Gleaner and as layout artist at the Evening Standard Newspaper in London, England. Further to this she successfully published a London wide magazine called MainEvent and worked on a local TV channel owned by Encom (Bell Cable Media). Sandra launched Strategy Consultants utilizing her media and business development skills working on projects for some of the most respected organizations in the world such as the British High Commission, The Government of Barbados, Canadian High Commission, Choice, Eddies (Supermarket) Trading, Loramark Inc, Cage Barbados Inc, Almond Resorts Inc, and Armstrong Agencies.
Sandra G. Corbin has increased productivity, public awareness, sales, reduce costs, and generated over 250,000 US in three months in one department in million dollar operations during a recession.
She loves challenges and will rise to the occasion to make any of the projects she works on a success. Someone once said of her that creativity is one of her best traits. In 2010 she was named as one of the top 15 managers globally according to a human resources test site called Talent +. . 
Quote,"So I will let you into one of the secrets of my success, I find inspiration in simple everyday things found around us and motivate teams.
I have the vitality of a whole department when it comes to completing important tasks at hand. Basically, I love what I do.
I've worked on so many interesting and usual projects over the years.  What's my next Goal?  To help you to make your business a success."

Specialties: Periodical Journalism, TV/Radio Programme Concepts, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Development, Tourism, Governmental, Science, Community Development, Environmental, Medical Tourism, Product/Personality Promotions and Branding.

Sandra G. Corbin of Success Strategies 

Find solutions to the pressing problems entrepreneurs face such as lack of confidence, start up capital, sustainability and competition to ensure success.

Utilising her one on one strategies combining business development, marketing, public relations and networking.

Sandra G Corbin webinars along with one on one consultancy will also be available shortly.  You will learn they key issues and the solutions common to businesses. As well as have an opportunity to earn a residual income.

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