Integrated Woman Ministries

Our Mission

To help the work at home woman build, brand, and be from the inside out using transforming concepts for a better life and more effective business.

Our Vision

To see Women reach their GREATNESS through Biblical truths and not worldly standards; building businesses that are aligned with God's will for their lives; matching the essence of who they are.
Helping women achieve work at home freedom and transformation
Upcoming WebinarsPast Webinars
How To Blog Better
Thursday, August, 18 2011
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Central Time)
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Topic: How to Blog Better
Description: Be sure to register for the next webinar "How to Blog Better" where you will learn how to create relevant content, have a user friendly navigation, effectively interact with your market, and so much
Connecting To Your Market
Thursday, July, 28 2011
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Central Time)
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Topic: Learn how to connect to your market using the right communication channels, social media, and the right platform.
Description: In the Connect to Your Market Webinar you will learn: 1. What it means to connect to your market 2. How to use social media to connect to your market 3. How to find your platform and get in where you fit in Join us for this hour long discussion on connecting to your market!
Getting Started with Online Marketing
Thursday, June, 16 2011
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Central Time)
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Topic: Key Elements to Know Before You Get Started with Online Marketing
Description: Learn how to get started with online marketing, where to find your market, how to connect to them, and why online marketing is pertinent for your business success. In this month's hour of free training you will discover... 1. Four key elements necessary for successful online marketing 2. Why you need to have a mission statement for successful marketing. 3. How to develop your perfect client/customer 4. How to start testing the waters of your market Templates and work sheets will be provided.
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