Janet More

Janet More is a confidence and connection coach in the realm of dating. 
She has years of experience as a dating and connection coach, image
consultant, and public speaker. Janet’s professional background is in
the software industry, where she got the inspiration to exercise her
coaching, leadership, and image skills on her coworkers. This experience
with educating and encouraging her coworkers led to starting her own
coaching business, helping others to ignite their inner Mojo to create
confident connections with others.

Over the last decade, Janet has also led a number of transformational
singles workshops across the United States, at locations including the
University of Texas, The Crossings, the Remarkable Women’s Conference,
and in New York City.

She’s also created a variety of avenues to inspire and assist daters on
igniting their inner Mojo, such as transformational audio downloads, 
workshops and webinars.

Janet continually expands her personal growth and training by
attending a variety of workshops and seminars. Her experience and
inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including her participation
and certifications in:

  • Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living courses
  • Landmark Education’s seven-month Leadership Training Program
  • Other Landmark Education courses including the Communication
    Courses, the Wisdom course, and weekly seminars
  • Global Relationships Centers: Understanding Yourself and Others and Loving Yourself
  • Oneness Blessing Deeksha Giver
  • Certified Advanced Theta Healer
  • Certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, Level 1
  • Pranic Healing Training
  • Emotioncode Training
  • Tibetan Sound Healing Training
  • Hollywood’s internationally acclaimed Ashley Rothschild’s S.T.A.R. POWER Professional Image Consultant Training Program
  • Certified as an Image Consultant from the renowned London Image Institute
  • Competing in the Body for Life Challenge and completing as a top
    2000 finisher, out of over 10,000 people.


Janet’s personal life is as vibrant and action-packed as her career.
Janet loves the outdoors and is active in a variety of sports, including
scuba diving, jet skiing, and snowboarding; however, dance is Janet’s
greatest passion. She also keeps herself busy caring for and creating
adventures with her young daughter.

Janet never likes playing by the rules! She says, “Really,
there are NO rules!! Today, live for you, make your day happy for you
and no other—and you will create a glow that will touch everyone around
you! Just be true to you and you will make magic everywhere you go!”

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