Peter Evans From Emarking Assistant
Developer of the eMarking Assistant software which integrates into any version of Microsoft Word for Windows to help teachers provide detailed and timely feedback on electronic assignments. Video demonstrations are available from as is a free 30 day trial.

eMarking Assistant allows you to:
  • create, use and save reusable comments
  • create, use and save audio comments
  • create automated eRubrics which highlight, total and rescale marks and convert them to grades
  • Google any phrase within the assignment
  • highlight any phrase throughout the assignment
Webinars on eMarking Assistant are held twice in the last week of each month and people must use the links lower on this page to reserve their place in the webinar.

The webinars examine the following 4 items but will be modified based on the interests of participants:

  • best practise for how to mark essays, grading papers and providing feedback to students
  • what tools are available to help people grading papers electronically
  • how to mark essays when using eMarking Assistant and Microsoft Word
  • questions and answers and discussion related to how to mark essays electronically
More details on the webinar are given on the eMarking Assistant site at

If you would want to attend an eMarking Assistant webinar at another time please send me an email at 
  • eMarking and eGrading
  • eAssessment process improvement
  • Moodle
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