Roland Hinds

Author - "Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?" self-help book that assists the reader to understand grieving moments caused by a failed relationship and gain better introspect of self.

Radio Host/ Podcast Producer - TruVue Relationship Radio: A podcast dedicated to people who experience a multitude of health and other dysfunctions in a relationship and how they turned it into motivation.

Lecture Series:

Introduction to MAC: (Mourning, Accepting and Confronting the loss of a relationship)

Cleaning Out Your Emotional Closet: geared towards people who may be experiencing difficulties in a relationship caused by current or previous predicaments. Video Presentation/Lecture

4 C's of a Relationship: Learn how understanding these principals can better your relationship with your partner.(Communication, Consistency, Commitment and Compromise)Power Point Presentation /Interactive Lecture

Interactive Relationship Workshops:

Defining Romance: Learn what is considered romance from from a woman's view versus a man. In the beginning of a relationship, what is considered acceptable romance or courtship?

Label Your Mate Workshop: Find out how you are marketing yourself to the public and learn how would you define or characterize your future mate.

The Diamond Workshop: Learn how identify and create boundaries for yourself and people who may affect your life.
Lecturing and giving workshop throughout the country to educate people about creating healthy relationships. I enjoy meeting people!

I love interacting with my guests on my relationship radio show (TruVue Relationship Radio). Learning from other people expereinces offers a great deal of real world information, which I can share.

Love is Love!
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