Michele Iurillo
I call myself a "social collider". I like to connect different people in
different situations. The use of social networks is essential in the
professional. I am a farmer relationships, I always like to understand
things in depth. I spent most of my life trying to put passion and value
in everything I do. I was lucky enough to have great travel companions,
every professional, every encounter has always left me something. I was
responsible for strategic planning and I had the good fortune to work
on several projects in Asturias (Cangas de Onis, Llanes, Cangas del
Narcea, Villaviciosa, Navia, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Oviedo) and the
Basque country (Strategic Plan for Roads Euskadi). During the period
when I worked and lived in the Valencian Community I have participated
in several projects and have worked with several government institutions
and in different sectors. I specialize in the creation of entrepeneur
collectives and business cluster. I love to give and receive training. I
have worked with different schools of Business (ESIC - Valencia,
Fundemi - Barcelona) and University (Faculty of Psychology - Valencia
Polytechnic University - Valencia, Leon). I'm huge twitter users I've
two differente account @micheleiurillo is Italian one and
@michele_iurillo it's Spanish one.


  • Startup firms. He actively involved in the design of business processes
    and building teams work in Italy (Rocket Jump, Tatchit) than in Spain

  • Experience in the development of franchise networks in either Spain (Global Game) than in Italy (Rocket Jump).

  • High level of knowledge in the tools of Balanced Scorecard (Balanced
    Scorecard), Strategic maps according to their use with EFQM.

  • Creation and maintenance Blog with the different Web Tools 2.0, a platform feeding RSS feed and content.

Specialties: Strategy, Business Intelligence, Social Media
business intelligence, sales
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