How many Meeting Pro accounts do you need?

Total cost after trial:


per month billed annually

*Based on Meeting Pro accounts.

You can add or upgrade to Webinar Pro accounts after signup, if needed.

Common Sales Questions

What does each user get?

Each account in your Company Plan is provisioned with our Meeting Pro feature set, which includes phone conferencing, VoIP & video conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing, meeting recording, recording hosting in the cloud, content library, support for up to 30 meeting attendees, and much more. Read about our entire feature set on our Features page.

What do administrators get?

Administrators have the ability to add and remove users, view user activity reports, and manage consolidated billing, all in one place. They also get a Meeting Pro account for their own use.

Can we also purchase Webinar Pro 100 and Webinar Pro 200 plans for some users?

Glad you asked -- Yes, administrators can purchase individual Webinar Pro 100 and Webinar Pro 200 upgrades at any time.

Can I add more accounts to the plan, if needed?

Sure. You can add more accounts to your Company Plan at any time. The price for additional accounts is:

  • AnyMeeting Meeting Pro - $180 / year
  • AnyMeeting Webinar Pro 100 - $780 / year
  • AnyMeeting Webinar Pro 200 - $1280 / year

It's important to note that we prorate the added users to the end of your subscription, such that if you add a new Meeting Pro account after 6 months, you pay only an additional $90 for the remainder of your Company Plan subscription. The full annual subscription price is then charged when your subscription renews.

Can I upgrade in the middle of my subscription period?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. When you do, you’ll receive a credit for the remainder of your original subscription, which will be applied toward your upgraded plan.

How can AnyMeeting be so much cheaper than the competition?

We work hard to deliver a business-grade conferencing tool that’s so affordable small businesses can provide it to nearly every employee. Our cloud-based model and focus on simplicity help us achieve this. Rest assured, though, that our application has been reviewed by numerous publications and experts, and consistently ranks as one of the best online meeting applications available.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Do you offer monthly Company Plan billing?

No, at this time Company Plans are billed annually.

Can I contact someone about Company Plans?

To contact our Sales Team about multiple accounts for your team, please email sales@intermedia.net.