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Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen

The Challenge

Patrick Allen is founder and CEO of Groopt, a bootstrapped start-up based in San Francisco. The five-year-old firm began as a boutique design agency and pivoted a year ago into a thriving, 14-employee database platform for faith, nonprofit, alumni, sports, political and social groups. Like many entrepreneurial companies, Groopt’s success depends on having clear and reliable communication with both existing clients and new business prospects, a core fact that has made Web conferencing an important consideration.

For one, early-stage organizations like Groopt need to be smart and nimble with their finances, as physically sending employees to in-person meetings all over the globe would be financially unsustainable. Not to mention multiple meetings can involve parties from multiple locations, meaning everyone travels or, no meeting. The value of Web conferencing for entrepreneurs like Allen is immeasurable. Being able to conduct productive and comprehensive meetings with integrated screen-sharing, shared documents and notes, live polls and full audio and video conferencing from anywhere can have an immensely positive impact on their businesses.

Addressing The Challenge

Groopt initially tried a variety of Web conferencing tools, ranging from established players like GoToMeeting and Skype to lesser known solutions. As Allen explains it, the services were either too expensive or cumbersome, or worst of all, made participants download software before entering the meeting. After experimenting with various upgrades and approaches, he was close to giving up on Web conferencing all together.

Finding A Solution With AnyMeeting

Allen was introduced to AnyMeeting through a mutual acquaintance, so he decided to give the service a try. What attracted him to AnyMeeting was that the cloud-based service was developed specifically for small businesses like Groopt.

He started by using AnyMeeting’s core service and liked it enough that he encouraged his staff to give it a try. Across the board, the team found the service to be elegantly designed, intuitive and most of all, reliable. After a few short weeks, Groopt’s team had become so enamored with AnyMeeting that they often found themselves subconsciously promoting the service to webinar participants.

Allen recently elected to upgrade Groopt to AnyMeeting’s Company Plan, which provides accounts for his entire team along with administrator controls, consolidated billing and reporting his company needs.

Groopt has continued to grow and just released its newest product, a mobile-friendly database to help any group measure and leverage its data to achieve its membership, civic or funding goals. According to Allen, AnyMeeting’s Web conferencing services will continue to be an integral part of the company’s strong growth.