AnyMeeting Case Study

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Brad Burrows

Director of Sales
Brad Burrows

The Challenge

ChartMeds, is a rapidly growing healthcare services business that delivers an advanced Web-based solution for automating medication administration records (advanced eMAR) or Med Passes for residents of state and federally regulated long-term care, nursing, assisted living, troubled-youth and correctional facilities. ChartMeds is successfully helping their customers far and wide to meet the new mandates related to the U.S affordable care act (ACA). ChartMeds delivers sales demos, system training and other key customer support services that meet specific scheduling and regulatory requirements for its customers in the U.S. and abroad. But with its expansion, especially across broader geographic territories, including trans-continental reach, ChartMeds realized it needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to optimize training for its customers.

Addressing The Challenge

The principals at ChartMeds realized that the company could enhance its sales processes with online demos and deliver superior, customized training for customers with AnyMeeting webinars while cutting meeting and travel costs. The team at ChartMeds initially tried a variety of approaches to Web conferencing, ranging from established players like GoToMeeting and Skype to earlier-stage offerings that did not deliver upon their expectations. These services were either too expensive or unwieldy, and all required that participants download software before starting the meeting.

Finding A Solution With AnyMeeting

But when they tried AnyMeeting, they realized they had found the right solution based on “quality capabilities, simplicity and price.” Brad Burrows, director of Sales at ChartMeds said, “AnyMeeting was not only the simplest solution for our users and customers to navigate – and we had tried other solutions like GoToMeeting — but the ease of use and the value was remarkable and made it easy for us to make the decision to move forward with AnyMeeting.”

ChartMeds reports that they are gaining a return on investment with every use of AnyMeeting on a daily basis. ChartMeds is now realizing a lift in sales close rates from an average of 7% prior to the use of AnyMeeting to nearly a 50% sales close rate today. Plus AnyMeeting allows ChartMeds to deliver convenience – ChartMeds customer can unobtrusively view customized webinars when it best suits their needs.”

Barrows has upgraded to AnyMeeting’s Pro product to gain the benefits of additional features like meeting recording and hosting, and the ability to download recordings. This is key for ChartMeds in an industry that requires stringent accountability. The Pro product also allows ChartMeds to brand their sessions, which supports sales and training professionalism. In-meeting file sharing is another useful feature supported by AnyMeeting Pro.

As ChartMeds continues to expand, Barrows explains that AnyMeeting’s Web conferencing service continues to be central to optimizing their training service and sales demo excellence. He added that many of his customers and prospects remark to him that they are quite impressed with their meeting experience and have subsequently adopted AnyMeeting to support their video and web conferencing needs.