AnyMeeting Case Study

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Steve Blackwell

Technical Marketing Director
Jet Aircraft Museum

The Challenge

The Jet Aircraft Museum is a volunteer organization of 150 international members. The museum exits to create and maintain a dynamic and living history of the modern age Royal Canadian Air Force, and provides a center to honor the valiant Canadian men and women who flew these aircraft with distinction in periods of war, peace, and peace keeping.

The non-profit organization has as its primary purpose the acquisition, display, preservation and maintenance of its jet aircraft, and, uniquely, it provides flight demonstrations. Collaborating with members of the museum to fulfill its mission to combine the creation and operation of museum housing, while managing aircraft, historical artifacts, records, and salient memorabilia required the geographically dispersed volunteers to spend many hours trading emails, logging into Facebook, and managing a handful of other media. No one resource offered a consistent solution to everyone across the organization’s diverse demographics. And the ongoing challenge in the governance of a successful and expanding volunteer organization like the Jet Aircraft Museum requires streamlining processes and reducing costs wherever possible. The team needed a better way to communicate with consistency.

Addressing The Challenge

The officers and Board of Directors were interested in Technical Marketing Director’s Steve Blackwell’s proposal to test online collaboration and meeting solutions to help manage team communications and documentation. Blackwell took several online meeting and video conferencing solutions like GoToMeeting and Cisco WebEx for test flights but found they were prohibitively priced for his organization’s budget. During his review process, he experienced another powerful web conferencing and video conferencing solution, AnyMeeting, hosted by another of his clients. He was impressed with the performance and the simplicity of the experience and the price was right – free with easy upgrades.

Finding A Solution With AnyMeeting

“AnyMeeting allows us to engage in projects with our international members as if they were sitting all together in a room onsite at the Jet Aircraft Museum,” said Blackwell. “AnyMeeting was easy for us to roll out as a single solution, easy for everyone in every age-group and helped us collaborate in unison. AnyMeeting eliminated many asynchronous processes, the need for multiple applications, including disparate spreadsheets, and allowed volunteers to do more while logging fewer hours.”

According to Blackwell, “AnyMeeting proved itself invaluable during the launch of a recent website refresh which included a new and more efficient way for members to access information on the site.” The new processes required member training. “We saved hundreds of hours training members with the use of AnyMeeting,” added Blackwell. “It was much easier to get everyone up to speed, and honestly, I can’t think of how we would have done it with emails and phone, much less in-person. With AnyMeeting we accomplished the demos in real time. Everyone is happy!”

Blackwell sees expanding the use of AnyMeeting to attract new members and increase informational and guest speaker communications for the organization. “I’m excited about the possibilities to utilize AnyMeeting to facilitate committee and Board meetings, and to help in attracting new members. Who knows, maybe we will have a team member host a meeting during one of our in-flight demonstrations…with AnyMeeting, I say, the possibilities to save time, save money and do creative presentations for our membership…well the sky is the limit! I recommend it to any growing organization.”