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using AnyMeeting's Webinar Pro

Training employees and customers can be a major expense for many businesses. Whether your trainees are across town or around the globe, online training using webinars can provide an attractive alternative to in-person sessions. AnyMeeting’s Webinar Pro platform provides everything you need for effective online training. Share your presentation or screen, conduct polls, provide meeting handouts, and even follow up your session with custom surveys or tests. You can also record your training session for reuse again and again.

Related Features

Screen Sharing

Simply start screen sharing and display the document you’d like to share – it’s that easy. Share anything that can be displayed on your computer, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and web pages.

YouTube Video Sharing

Share YouTube videos live and easily control the playback. Your audience stays in perfect sync as you play, pause and advance the video.

Presentation Sharing

Screen sharing is great for sharing applications and websites, but for speedier performance with PowerPoint and PDF documents, try uploading your documents to AnyMeeting. In addition to faster slide transitions, you’ll have access to those documents for future webinars — anytime, anywhere.

Green Room / Attendee Waiting Room

Prepare privately with co-presenters before going “on air” with your audience. Message attendees in the attendee waiting room until you’re ready to start.

Live Polls

Poll your audience to gather information, increase engagement, or generate live insights related to your webinar topic.


Enable attendees to download your presentation directly during the webinar. Make a lasting impression with a compelling handout that will further carry your message and brand.

Meeting Recording & Sharing

Just press record and we do all of the work for you. We’ll record the screen sharing and the audio, even if it’s over a conference call, so attendees can review the session later, or others can see it for the first time recorded.

Follow-Up Surveys & Tests

Want to know what your attendees thought of your presentation or gauge what they learned? Easily create a survey or test to be emailed at the end of your training session.

Up to 1,000 Attendees

Up to 1,000 attendees is no problem with AnyMeeting. And you can record your webinar to reach an even wider audience afterwards.

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