Does Professional Development Work?
Leaders are badgered every day on the one hand by vendors claiming that professional development programs are the answer, and on the other by skeptics who say that these programs waste time and are of little practical value.  What’s the truth?

Too rarely do we hear from unbiased senior professionals with a wealth of experience.  Join us at this webinar to get a balanced and up-to-date picture from our special guest on whether professional development programs are worth doing, what is and is not worth consideration, and how to steer professional development down a modern path – either your own or that of your team or organization.

You will leave with five  practical tips, unbiased by sales agendas or intense viewpoints, on the useful and non-useful strategies for professional development in your own world of work.

This is a 45-minute webinar, but please allow time for checking in and making your next meeting. We'll explain the images and video if you phone in, but video is best.
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