Introduction to Raising Heritage Poultry
Tuesday, November 2, 2021

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time)
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Interest in traditional or “Heritage” breeds of poultry has been on the rise as farmers look toward animals that can thrive outdoors and on pasture. Although many are superb for these environments, they are also slower growing and take much longer to get to market weight and will produce fewer eggs than commercial strains of birds. In this workshop we will discuss the perks and challenges producers will face, and how to take advantage of other income streams from your flock that can be generated beyond eggs or meat. 

Our guest presenter is Jeannette Beranger, Senior Program Manager at The Livestock Conservancy. Jeannette has 30+ years’ experience working as an animal professional in zoological and non-profit institutions. She is an active lecturer, writer, and photographer and is co-author on the best-selling books An Introduction to Heritage Breeds and Managing Breeds for a Secure Future. Recently Jeannette was named one of Country Women Magazine's "45 Amazing Country Woman" for her work in conserving endangered breeds. At home she practices what she preaches and maintains a heritage breeds farm with a focus on critically endangered Crèvecœur chicken.
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