Surviving The Shift: Decoding the Language of the Universe

Numbers are the language of the universe and represent the energetic patterns that make up our world. They provide a window into the unseen world of energy. As spiritual DNA, the numbers can show you who you are, what you’re here to do and how to do it!
Are you seeing 11:11 or other numbers sequences? Could they be messages to unlock our personal and global destiny?
•The Financial Crisis: Why Money, Why Now? Discover how to thrive.
•The 11:11 Phenomenon: Are you seeing numbers? They could be important messages for you.
•“Dooms Day”: Is it really the end of times?


Learn how to navigate the ever-changing energies of the Shift and discover how to decode your own energies and the world around you in this transformational webinar! All this life-changing information for only $25 - Register Now:

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