BEFORE YOU APPLY: Do your homework!

Not every pilot has the ability to take time off of work to prepare
for an airline interview. As a result, Cage Consulting and Will Fly For
, will be offering a series of webinars designed to help you
prepare for the pilot hiring process expected in 2013.

These webinars will provide you, the applicant, the opportunity to
gain invaluable insight to help demystify the entire pilot application
and interviewing process with the goal of making sure you shine during
each and every opportunity (resume/application submission, networking,
job fair and actual interview).

Topics covered in this Webinar:

  • Gathering Paperwork: why this step is so important
  • Background checks: where you need to go, what to get
  • Areas of concern: checkrides, traffic violations, employment and FAA situations
  • Networking: contacting friends, family, past employers, going to job fairs
  • Logbooks: organizing and auditing times
  • Letters of recommendation: who to get them from

Following the presentation we will open the Webinar up to you for your questions.

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