"Distraction or Opportunity?": An Easy Way to Know What to Ignore and What to Pursue
Are you stuck in overwhelm? Too much to do, or ... maybe too
many distractions that LOOK like opportunities, obligations and
expectations? This Friday's webinar is for you if you've ever thought
"This is too much!" or "How did I get myself into this?"

You will learn to quickly:

  • Know what you are working on NEXT at all times
  • Know exactly what information to tune into so you can tune the rest out
  • Say "No" with conviction and confidence, not out of fear and doubt
  • Say "Yes" to what truly matters and have time to fully commit to that "Yes"
look at the flood of email in your inbox with fear and dread again! No
longer avoid those people who you  know are going to ask you to do
something. Most of all, figure out how to make the time you have work
for you.
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