Raw Foods on a Budget Lecture (90-minute Webinar)
Are you struggling with the high cost of raw food? You are not alone! 

Most people approach a food budget by focusing on the price of food; however, this usually results in very little money saved and a lot of running around town for the lowest prices. 

THE TRUTH IS…learning how to eat raw foods on a budget is more than about finding cheap produce; it’s a way of LIFE! And it’s a very good life! 

Author and creator of Raw Foods on a Budget, Brandi Rollins, takes a holistic approach to food budgeting by teaching people HOW and WHERE to find inexpensive, high-quality produce; how to PREPARE and STORE raw foods in ways that stretch their dollar; and even how to embrace the ABUNDANCE and JOY a budget can bring to their life! 

In this online lecture, Brandi will teach you her MOST POWERFUL strategies to help you reduce your food bills by 15 to 50%!
Total Cost: $5.00
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Total Cost: $5.00
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