“Overcoming Obstacles: Starting An Exotic Bird Shelter Program”

Presented by: Anthony Pilny, DVM, ABVO (Avian)

Caring for exotic birds in a shelter environment is challenging.  In fact, many shelters feel they cannot accommodate birds at all.  But "winging it" is not a solution when birds arrive at your shelter.

Join us for a frank discussion that examines what factors are standing in the way of your shelter's ability to take in, to expand, or to improve capacity for exotic birds.

Bring us your questions and let our experts offer practical solutions to help you overcome the common obstacles to make your facility a safe haven for birds in need!

Whether your shelter takes in hundreds of birds, less than 10 a year, or doesn't take in birds at all - this forum is for you!

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The session is planned to run for 55 minutes. It will begin with our presenter(s) responding to pre-selected questions sent to us in advance followed by Q&A.   

We ask that you provide us with some preliminary information about your avian program to insure that we cover the topics that are of most concern and relevant to you and your organization. 

Your cooperation is much appreciated, and we look forward to a productive session!
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