Your Name on the Birth Certificate is Not Enough: CT Same-Sex Couples & Stepparent Adoptions
On behalf of the entire Freed Marcroft team, thank you for your interest in our webinar on the importance of adoption.  

Who is this webinar for?

  • Married and unmarried same sex couples raising children who
    are biologically related to one but not both of them
  • Married and unmarried same sex couples considering beginning
    a family
  • Same sex couples interested in the potential impacts of the
    recent presidential election on the status of their parental rights

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We look forward to discussing topics such as:
  • How the recent election may impact children of same sex couples
  • Why non-bio parents should adopt
  • Whether a Connecticut adoption will be enforced in other states
  • How long the adoption process takes
  • How much an adoption costs
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