Food Power and the London Food Poverty Campaign: Older people's access to food and meals on wheels
During Meals on Wheels Week 2018, Food Power and Sustain's London Poverty Campaign, in partnership with the National Association of Care Catering (NACC), are highlighting good practice in promoting older people's access to food, particularly meals on wheels services.

  • What are the barriers faced by older people in accessing a healthy diet?
  • How can meals on wheels thrive in a time of reduced public funding?
  • How are these services also reducing social isolation, preventing an escalation of needs and linking in with a wide range of support and services?
Lilly Draper from London Independent Living Service and Nicola Williams from West Sussex County Council will discuss their respective services. Lailah Nesbitt-Ahmed, London Food Poverty Campaign and Simon Shaw, Food Power will provide some wider context. 
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