Corporate Learning: Understanding the Changes for Buyers and Providers
Featuring Roberta Gogos, Practice Leader in Strategic Marketing,  and Lance Haun, Practice Director and Principal Analyst, of The Starr Conspiracy.

Corporate learning is at an inflection point. The market has undergone a massive upheaval in recent years with changes in working styles, learning trends, software, and buyer behavior. Next gen is no longer new, and the "anti-LMS LMS" has become a marketing cliche. Meanwhile, the LMS isn't going anywhere and neither is compliance.

As more learning tech companies understand the consequences of these changes, they are trying to adapt. There is a big question mark over how they can position themselves in a market where learning means different technologies and multiple vendors need to play nicely together. Corporate learning in 2018 happens in multiple ways on multiple systems. It's time to figure out how to not just live with this shift, but thrive.

In this webinar we'll cover:
  • how learning buyers and tech companies are navigating these changes
  • Their changing perceptions
  • And some of the innovations that might be the answer for the evolution of learning.
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Lance Haun, Practice Director and Principal Analyst

Lance is a practice director and industry analyst at The Starr Conspiracy. He spends his days advising and consulting with clients on strategy, message, brand, and promotion. Before joining The Starr Conspiracy in early 2013, he was an editor at ERE Media for over three years. He also served as editor-in-chief for SourceCon, the leading publication and biannual conference for sourcers and recruiters. 

Lance is a regular speaker, having spoken at the Society for Human Resource Management annual conference, HR Technology® Conference, ERE Recruiting Conferences, IHRIM's HRMS Strategies Conference, and numerous other local and regional events and webinars. His writing has been featured on the Harvard Business Review blog and he is regularly interviewed as an expert on HR and recruiting issues by The Wall Street Journal,, HR Magazine, Workforce Magazine, Fast Company, and

Roberta Gogos, Practice Leader, Strategic Marketing

Roberta is practice leader of strategic marketing in The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit (TSCIU). As part of the Intelligence Unit, she is responsible for delivering growth-oriented strategies, research, and advisory services to B2B companies in the HCM industry.

Prior to joining TSCIU, Roberta worked directly with enterprise software companies — primarily in the learning technology space — and consulted them on all aspects of marketing, in particular messaging, content strategy, and thought leadership. She is known for her international approach and has successfully helped European learning tech companies enter the U.S. market and gain traction.

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