How To Master Amazon Data To Sell More Books
Like it or not, we live in a data-driven world. For authors, the most useful data provides insights that help sell more books. Our guest Alex Newton is here to show you how to uncover and make sense of the type of data that drives book sales. He is the CEO and founder of, a leading provider of market data and research services for authors and publishers. With 20 years of industry and management consulting experience, Alex has analyzed more than a million books. During this webinar, he's going to show you how:

  • Amazon data can save you time, money, creative resources AND help you sell more books
  • Discoverability has changed and what you as an author can do to adapt
  • To identify and get into marketable categories that are right for you and your books

As a bonus, Alex will share some of the latest genre trends he's seeing and answer your data questions. 
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