LIBER Webinar: How Europeana's Impact Playbook Can Help Measure Impact In Your Library
What is the impact of your library's work? How do you affect people's lives, and which tools can help you measure impact?

These key questions will be examined in this webinar, starting with a talk by Julia Fallon of Europeana. She will introduce the Impact Playbook: a step by step guide to measuring impact. Developed by cultural heritage and impact professionals, the Playbook guides you through the process of identifying the impact that your institution has, or is aiming to have. It provides a common approach that can be applied within any organisation.

We will also hear from two libraries who are using Impact Playbook in their daily work.

Marco de Niet of Leiden University Libraries (UBL) organised a workshop based on the Europeana Impact Playbook. As co-chair of the Europeana Impact Taskforce he wanted to introduce the Playbook to his colleagues in Leiden: to encourage them to use its tools to better understand the users’ perspectives and to look through their eyes at the digital services his colleagues were involved in. 

In the webinar, Marco will explain how he set up this workshop, and will look at the tools from the Playbook. Furthermore, by sharing his lessons learned, he hopes participants are encouraged to organize a similar workshop in their own organization and contribute to a shared understanding of impact with digital heritage collections.  

A third speaker - Dr Dafydd Tudur, Head of Digital Access at the National Library of Wales (NLW) - will also share his experience with the Impact Playbook. The NLW was one of the first institutions to put the Playbook into practice and has since used it to measure the impact of a project based on the sharing of nearly 5.000 works from the Welsh National Portrait Collection on Wikicommons. Dafydd Tudur has also used the Playbook in a community/volunteer context, this time introducing the methodology at the end of a project in order to facilitate discussion and co-ordinate activities to enhance its long-term legacy.

Speaker Biography

Julia Fallon develops, implements and manages Europeana’s policies and practices. She works across all business areas from coordinating the new Governance structure, developing open data policies to advocating for the harmonisation of EU Copyright laws.

Marco de Niet is the Manager of the Research and Education Services Division as well as Deputy Director at Leiden University Libraries (UBL). He is also the Chair of the Europeana Network Association, which brings together over 2300 cultural heritage professionals across Europe.

Dr Dafydd Tudur is Head of Digital Access at The National Library of Wales. He has led the formation of the NLW's policy on open access and its collaboration with Wikimedia, and currently leads the content and community engagement strands of People's Collection Wales. He is a member of the Europeana Impact Taskforce 2.0 and the Impact Community Steering Group, and was elected as a Member of the Europeana Network Association Council in 2018.
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