LIBER Webinar: Setting Up A GLAM Workbench In Your Library
You’ve shared your digital collection data, but now what? How can you introduce people to the possibilities for research or creativity? How can you help them develop the digital skills to make use of your data? 

This webinar, organised by LIBER’s Digital Humanities Working Group, will demonstrate how you can use Jupyter notebooks to develop your own digital collection workbench – sharing tools, tricks, and tutorials that scaffold exploration and reuse.

Drawing on the experience of developing the GLAM Workbench, this webinar will show you how Jupyter notebooks can be used to create a variety of resources, from web-based tools to detailed tutorials. Using online services such as Binder, these notebooks can be run live online, allowing users to play with code in a safe and structured environment. In this way, the GLAM Workbench aims to overcome gaps in skills, confidence, and experience that can prevent researchers from taking advantage of the growing volume of GLAM data now becoming available.

This webinar will help you:
  • Understand how Jupyter notebooks can be used to support the use of digital collection data.
  • Learn how to create and share Jupyter notebooks, making use of free services such as GitHub, NBViewer and Binder.
  • Explore ways of supporting users with a variety of skill levels, from experienced coders to the digitally curious.
Don’t just share collection data, help your users understand its possibilities.

About the speaker

Tim Sherratt is a historian and hacker who researches the possibilities and politics of digital cultural collections. Tim has worked across the cultural heritage sector and has been developing online resources relating to libraries, archives, museums and history since 1993. His creations include useful things like the GLAM Workbench, strange things like the Vintage Face Depot, and important things like The Real Face of White Australia. You can find him at or as @wragge on Twitter.
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