LIBER Webinar: The Anatomy of a Transformative Agreement
An increasing number of LIBER institutions—and also institutions and consortia worldwide—are looking to integrate their Open Access strategies with Transformative Agreements. Such agreements enable institutions to repurpose their subscription expenditures to support open access publishing rather than paywalls. 

Transformative Agreements (TA) specifically aim to rein in hybrid publishing costs and liberate the lump-sum payments of subscriptions: authors no longer pay APCs and, instead, their institutions (via their libraries) repurpose former subscription expenditures to remunerate publishers for their editorial services associated with the open access publication of accepted articles. While each agreement is unique and context-specific, TAs share a common goal and seek to adhere to the ESAC Guidelines for Transformative Agreements. In order to better understand the latest benchmarks achieved with TAs, this webinar will present two case studies of TA negotiated by LIBER members, illustrating in what way they are considered to be transformative and providing an open assessment of to what degree they have been successful in achieving their goals.

Dr Ralf Schimmer is the Deputy Librarian and Head of Information at Max Planck Digital Library in Munich, Germany. Dr Schimmer leads the licensing strategy of the Max Planck Digital Library, serving the 80+ advanced research institutes of the Max Planck Society. A champion of open access in scholarly communications, he chaired the Governing Council of SCOAP3 (2014-2016), serves on many international boards (e.g. Knowledge Unlatched and Fair Open Access Alliance), and is a leader for the Open Access 2020 Initiative. With his team, he is currently operating the German DEAL agreements with Wiley and Springer Nature.

Agnès Ponsati has been leading the Information Resources for Research unit of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) since 1994, and has also served as Director of the Division of Digital Processes and Services at the Spanish National Library. She has extensive experience in publisher negotiations and licensing of digital content and has served on many international publisher advisory boards, including Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, IOP and Brill. A member of LIBER’s own Executive Board, Agnès holds many strategic roles in the open access movement, representing Spain’s library consortia on the SCOAP3 Global Council, serving on the Science Europe Open Access Working Group, acting as National Contact Point for Spain in the Open Access 2020 Initiative (OA2020), and sitting on the Executive Board of SPARC Europe (2018).

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