The Anatomy of Teamwork - a Primer for Leaders
What is the latest thinking about work teams and how they operate?  Has anything changed?  Does more at-home work, or even a slow easing of at-home work, affect the answer? The last five years have brought a deep new understanding of how work teams really operate, primarily because of new research at UCLA, Sandia Labs, the University of Arizona and other leading institutions.  Share in the practical results and find out what every modern leader ought to know.

Discover five significant insights into how to run a work team, based on pro-bono research work by UCLA, Sandia, U of Arizona and others in which the presenters have had a role - and also on 25 years of work with organizations like Toyota, IBM, the FDA and the State Department.

This is a 45-minute webinar, but please allow time for checking in and making your next meeting. We'll explain the images and video if you phone in, but video is best.
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