Preparing to Plan for Climate Change—What Tools Do We Need?
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Local governments are increasingly on the front line in taking climate action.  Cities and counties are adopting climate plans and climate goals at an accelerating rate.  As a result, planners are asked to incorporate new issues in long-term planning, to develop and implement new standards for private development and new designs for infrastructure, and to create new processes that incorporate carbon reduction actions and resilience needs.  

  • How does planning and development review change when carbon emission become part of meeting local policy? 
  • Do planners have the tools for addressing climate goals?  
  • What new tools, templates, or data are needed to enable realization of local climate goals?   

APA’s Sustainable Communities (SCD) and Environment, Natural Resources and Energy (ENRE) Divisions decided to ask planners how prepared they were to face the climate crisis.  Over 300 Division members responded to a survey on how planners address climate action in their jobs, how their jobs are changing due to climate policy, and what assistance, training, or tools planners they need.  

This webinar will present the survey results, place the Sustainable Communities “climate champions” programs in the context of pending new climate policy initiatives and research by APA, and engage webinar participants to contribute to the ongoing effort to build the planning toolkit to meet these new challenges.  

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