Webinar: FIM Principles & Recommendations for Libraries
Access to online library resources can be quite complex. Patrons normally have easy access when signed on to a campus network but when working from other locations — as modern work patterns often demand — the same patrons are increasingly asked to ‘log in to their institution’. This process can release identifying information.

Known as federated authentication, delivering Single Sign On (SSO), this process, if not configured correctly, is at odds with the responsibility of libraries to protect their patrons’ privacy.
In order to preserve patron privacy, while also making the configuration and management of federated SSO connections easier for both libraries and publishers, LIBER’s FIM4L Working Group has drafted 10 Implementation Principles for SSO.

In this webinar we will discuss these new principles: "Federated Access to Online Resources: Principles & Recommendations for Library Services".
How can we make use of it? What benefits will a library have from it? And publishers? Why should libraries be interested?
We will particularly look into principle 4. A choice has to be made by the library together with the publisher whether to configure option A or B.
  • 4.A. Transitory Access - This access holds the highest level of privacy. 
  • 4.B. Personalized Access - Maintains a high level of privacy based on a pseudonym, and more user information and tracking can be added. 
Where is the choice driven by? Privacy? User experience? The library decides.
This webinar will be helpful for those who are facing publishers who want to establish an SSO connection.

  • Jos Westerbeke - Library IT specialist/manager, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Jiri Pavlik - CzechELib, National Library of Technology, Czech Republic
  • Leonidas Pispiringas - Software Engineer, Network Technologies and Infrastructure Manager, HEAL-Link (Electronic Resources)
  • Lee Houghton - Librarian (Digital Library Support), University of Nottingham
  • Heather Flanagan - Program Director at SeamlessAccess.org
  • Peter Gietz - Co-founder and CEO of DAASI International
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