What Do I Say Now? Talking Your Team Through 2021
Nothing will be more critical in 2021 than proper communication with your team.  Stakes are sky high, people are nervous, and almost any communication strategy carries the risk of pushback.  It’s hard to know what to say, what not to say, how, and when.

DC Water's Vice President of Marketing and Communications, John Lisle, is a world class expert on organizational communication. Don't miss his advice on how to cope with the inevitable situations in 2021 during which almost anything you say might be controversial. With people committed both for and against a return to work, for example, adept communication will be key.

You will leave this webinar with five tips – suitable for laminating and putting up next to your computer – for handling your leadership outreach to worried, uncertain and sometimes polarized work teams as the events of 2021 unfold.

This is a 45-minute webinar, but please allow time for checking in and making your next meeting. We'll explain the images and video if you phone in, but video is best.
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